Telos Partners

Telos Partners was founded on the belief that organisations are the product of their relationships, rather than just the sum of their transactions.  We differ from other consultancies in our belief that sustainable change is only brought about by achieving a fundamental shift in mindset and behaviour. Our work is designed to meet the specific needs of the client, their organisation and its people and we focus 100% on their outcomes. We have about 30 consultants working around the world. The nature of our work is not industry specific and our clients range from ambitious small business owners to CEOs of large multi-national businesses. We help them achieve their desired business outcomes by adopting a balanced approach to change. 

“Telos Partners are thrilled to be included in Shaun the Sheep in the Heart of Kent. We have been working with and supporting the Hospice for over 5 years and every member of our team has been incredibly moved by the work they do. We look forward to seeing the Shaun’s in the wild and experiencing the art trail.”

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