Compare and Recycle

Compare and Recycle has been headquartered in Maidstone since its inception and 2024 will mark 15 years of us being on the journey to make mobile phone recycling mainstream. We see this milestone as the perfect time to celebrate us being part of Maidstone and what could be better than joining hands with the Heart of Kent Hospice for the ‘Shaun The Sheep In the Heart Of Kent’ campaign. 
Just like Shaun and his flock explore their world with curiosity, Compare and Recycle encourages people to stay curious and discover ways to consume electronics sustainably. It’s always easy to relegate an old phone to a drawer to be forgotten, but we make it just as easy to do the right thing with unwanted tech and pass it on. By combining our passion for positive change with the charm of Shaun, we hope to inspire a brighter, greener future for Maidstone and all of the UK. Together, we’re excited to bring smiles to faces, nurture a sense of togetherness and support the invaluable work of Heart of Kent Hospice. 

Founded in 2009, has become the UK’s largest independent comparison website that provides an easy and convenient way for consumers and businesses to recycle their used electronic devices while recovering some of their value. Last year alone, Compare and Recycle™ helped customers get in excess of 41 million pounds for their used devices and prevented more than 28.1 tonnes of mobile phones ending up in landfill.

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