With over 47 years of expert knowledge in designing and manufacturing breath analysis devices, Bedfont® aim to unlock valuable insights about your health by using the power of cutting-edge breath analysis technology. With precision and reliability, our devices analyse your breath to detect a wide range of biomarkers, providing a unique tool for health monitoring and diagnostics. Our devices include the NObreath® for FeNO monitoring to aid in the diagnosis and management of asthma, the Smokerlyzer® range to help people quit smoking by monitoring CO levels, the Gastrolyzer® range for hydrogen and methane breath testing to help detect gastrointestinal disorders, and the ToxCO which offers quick and easy screening for CO poisoning.


“Bedfont® is committed to supporting our community through charitable initiatives and sponsorships. We are excited to partner with Heart of Kent Hospice, an amazing charity. The partnership reflects our core values, and we believe this collaboration will have a significant, positive impact across Kent. This new venture underscores Bedfont’s dedication to patient safety, and we look forward to sharing the benefits of this partnership.” Jason Smith, Bedfont Managing Director.

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